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Knowing Nibbāna Directly

Just looking back at that verse from the Udana, translated by F.L.Wooward, to put it in a more modern idiom: With mindfulness of the body present,restrained in her sixfold sense contact,the seeker continuously collectedcan know nibbāna herself. – Ud.III.iv I … Continue reading Continue reading

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Contemplating the Great Primary Elements (Mahābhūta)

Continuing with the translation of MN 119, the ‘Mindfulness of Body (Kāyagatāsati) Sutta.’ The Buddha instructs his disciples (i.e., those undertaking the discipline)… “Again, seekers, a seeker contemplates this very body – however it is placed and whatever its posture … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mindfulness of body well-fixed

What a tough time I’ve been having in this body of mine, lately. The Fibromyalgia has been intense, but last night was so interesting – exploring the (Buddhist) elements and then asking “Exactly what is pain?” Going into the pain … Continue reading Continue reading

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