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Mindfulness of the Body with Breathing

Mindfulness of breathing is a way to include the body in meditation, and it’s also as a way to ground ourselves bodily, moment to moment, during daily activities. Anālayo, in his book – Satipaṭṭhāna: the Direct Path to Realisation  (p.125)- writes: … Continue reading Continue reading

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Meditating with the Body

Kāyasakkhī Sutta (The ‘Realising Through the Body’ Sutta) Anguttara Nikāya, 9.43 Translated from the Pāli by Christopher J. Ash. Questioner: “‘Realising the truth through the body,’ it is said. As described by the flourishing one, how is one realising truth though the body?” Respondent: “Where, Friend, … Continue reading Continue reading

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Ways of Seeing the Body

Elsewhere I said, to a group I’m in, something like: “What is clear from the experience of mindfulness, from this practice of immediacy, is that the lived body is not the body of science, nor the medical body; that it … Continue reading Continue reading

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Body as Way and Goal

Amataṃ tesaṃ viraddhaṃ, yesaṃ kāyagatā sati viraddhā.Amataṃ tesaṃ aviraddhaṃ, yesaṃ kāyagatā sati aviraddhā.Amataṃ tesaṃ aparibhuttaṃ, yesaṃ kāyagatā sati aparibhuttā.Amataṃ tesaṃ paribhuttaṃ, yesaṃ kāyagatā sati paribhuttā. “Those who have missed mindfulness of the body, have missed nibbāna. Those who have not … Continue reading Continue reading

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