Mindfulness Meditation Course


I was talking with a fellow practitioner, and he was disappointed that he didn’t know about the upcoming online Satipatthana course with Bhikkhu Analayo (which begins in October, in which I am enrolled. Participation has been finalized for that course by Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, so he was too late to enrol. In response, I offered to support a satellite process of some kind.
It will be a small group – maximum 14 – so early registration is recommended. We begin in the week of Monday, October 19 2020.
Thinking about what kind of process that could be, I’ve decided to offer a special group for nine weeks (with an optional tenth week) to do a less intensive study of the practice (less intentive than Bhikkhu Analayo’s course, that is.) It’ll be a balance of study in group and practice during the week at home. It won’t be a replication of his course, but it’ll be a course consistent with Bhikkhu Analayo’s approach.
(For the more non-Buddhist approach, which I had promised some people on this list – a new process-model wisdom meditation – I’m postponing that, and will begin it in January 2021).
The course will be a hybrid of:
a) a reading group, reading several chapters of ‘Satipatthana Meditation: A Practice Guide (2018); b) a meditation support group; c) a conversation about the sutta; d) a report from me of the concurrent course by Analayo, when it might be useful and where it complements a,b, and c, above).
As for time commitments, I propose a weekend 1.5 hour session once a week, given people’s work demands; and I’ll leave the hours of home meditation practice to your discretion.
The content of the weeks will be based on Chapters III – IX in Satipatthana Meditation: A Practice Guide, and the guided meditations he made (which are available for you already b on the net) .
If you would like to get a feel for the territory, you can find the titles of those chapters here, with the accompanying meditations to be practiced each week. You can stream them or download them all in a zip file:
There will be no fee for my work. Dana is welcome, as is traditional.
If you’d like to join us, contact me: christopher at wholebodymindfulness.com.au


The course begins on the Monday 19th October (I start my week on the Monday), but the idea is that from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd people have the opportunity to read the chapter and practice the meditations. Then we follow with a conversation about the week’s practice. So, unlike some courses, the first meeting will follow the practice, not precede it.   The first meeting would likely be on the Sunday 25th, 4:00 – 5:30 PM (Sydney, Australia time), to have a conversation about how the weekly meditation went.
The people doing this course are experienced, so I expect that you won’t have any difficulties following Analayo’s guided meditations before the meeting, then we can compare notes and raise any matters about the practice on the Sunday at the end of the week’s practice; and, at the end, I can give a little context and some pointers about the following week’s practice.
However, I will be available from 19th onward for any private consultation – Zoom, Skype or phone – if you need support during the week.


I won’t be able to supply the chapters for the course. Copyright would prohibit that. And, it’s quite inexpensive on Kindle (A$17.83), and the paperback is about A$32. Sponsors initially helped keep the price of this book down; and, as an act of giving (the gift of the dhamma), Bhikkhu Analayo waived royalty payments for the book.