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Touching Enlightenment

The expression ‘touching enlightenment with the body’ (used by Reggie Ray in his excellent book) is not modern; it has its antecedents in the Pali canon. (If anyone wanted to track them down, I’d refer them to Ch.4 Richard Gombrich’s … Continue reading Continue reading

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Inner Posture

A reminder: whatever I say here about the ‘mind-made body’ has as its background the practice of touching ‘what-is’ with our so-called worldly bodies; that is, we need to keep some perspective on the presence of our ordinary breathing bodies … Continue reading Continue reading

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Mind-Made Body

In the Sāmaññaphala Sutta we read that a meditator at some stage develops a ‘mind-made body’ (manomayakaya): “And with [her] mind thus concentrated… imperturbable, [she] applies and directs her mind to the producing of a mind-made body. Out of this … Continue reading Continue reading

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